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We at ACT know paint. More importantly, we understand that a very important part of a successful paint job is in the preparation. We know that if you paint over dry rot, the paint job will not last and the dry rot will continue to spread. We specialize in painting multi-family buildings, all types of homeowner associations and apartments. We especially know how to work with professional managers and homeowner’s association board members.

Needless to say, we are fully licensed and insured and yes, we carry homeowner’s association insurance!

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We provide interior painting options. Our team is comprehensive and can save your HOA or Property Owners a significant amount of time and money. We believe in adding value to the service we provide and our interior paint jobs are just another opportunity for our team to demonstrate our knowledge and experience.


The exterior of your property is the first thing a potential tenant looks at so it makes sense to have your property have a lot of curb appeal. We recognize that this is a pain for most Community Association, Apartment Community & Commercial Building, that is why we have the highest quality paint jobs in the Bay Area.


We know that it is not always about the looks, paint fades and it is vital to have high-quality paint that will give your building a finish that will last. We believe that with our proper supervision, preparation of the surfaces that will be painted, and using only top quality materials we will provide a long lasting, first class job. Let us help you make your property look it’s best for a very long time.


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As qualified and licensed contractors, we employ a full range of skilled professionals to serve all your construction and maintenance projects. We specialize in serving Community Associations, Apartment Communities and Commercial Properties.

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Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and strategically located by region to ensure excellent support and communication during long construction projects or day to day maintenance. We strive to build every project with the highest level of professionalism.

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